Similar to Bharatanatyam in many aspects, Kuchipudi is one of the most graceful classical dance drama from Andhra Pradesh, the south-eastern state of India.


Kuchipudi takes its name from the village of its origin, in the Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh.


Sidhendra Yogi (14th century) structured present day Kuchipudi by propagating ‘madhura bhakthi’(Lord Krishna to be the Supreme lover) and this formed the basis of dance drama ‘Bhamakalapam’.


Kuchipudi follows the rules laid down by Natya Shastra; each Kuchpudi performance consists of perfectly balanced aspects of Nritta, Natya & Nrithya, not very common in other classical dance forms.


Kuchipudi stands out from other classical dance forms through its flowy and rounded movements and the most popular solo number is 'Tharamgam', where the dancer dances on a brass plate, which reveals the artist’s mastery over rhythmic complexities.


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